Dear team leaders!

In order for your children to be able to take part in the international event "Belarus Dance Camp", in 2021 in Pinsk (Belarus), you need to prepare the following documents for each participant:

Documents to be handed in upon arrival at the camp:

1. Medical certificate from the clinic. The document MUST indicate information on the presence of chronic and infectious diseases (head lice, scabies), contacts with infectious patients (taken no earlier than 3 days before arrival at the camp). A vaccination data sheet is also needed. For coaches, managers and accompanying persons, it is also necessary to provide a medical certificate or a valid medical book.

2. Medical certificate about contact of COVID-19 during 2 weeks (14 days) or PCR-test.

3. Copy of birth certificate and passport, if any.

4. Signed rules of residence (for minors, the rules must be signed by parents or official guardians).

Documents you need to have with you:

1. To enter Belarus, you need medical insurance. The insurance policy issued by the insurance company must extend its effect to the territory of Belarus and be valid for the entire period of stay in the country.

2. The power of attorney for the child, drawn up by a notary public for the head (trainer), or for self-delivery.

In the event that not all of these documents are provided, or if the information in them is false (for example, the certificate says "healthy", but the child has pediculosis), the camp reserves the right to not accept a child without any compensation.

For a child who is at a dance camp, the following are mandatory:

- rules of residence,
- respect for property and nature,
- participation in self-service (cleaning of one's place),
- personal hygiene,
- fulfillment of the daily routine;
- respect for peers and camp workers.

Adults in the camp categorically prohibit actions and decisions of the child that threaten his life and health, the life and health of others, harmful to nature: smoking, the use of narcotic drugs and alcoholic beverages, independent exit outside the territory of unaccompanied adults, spoiling or encroachment on property and dignity of people and camps. In case of violation of these rules, the camp has the right to inform the legal representatives of the child about the committed violations, and expel the child from the camp, sending him home at the expense of the parents; recover from the parents legally the amount of damage caused to the children's camp.

There are two applications in the attached files:

- Appendix 1 for children under 18 years of age (parents or legal guardians must sign)
- Appendix 2 for persons over 18 years old (Signed by the participant of the dance fees)
Upon arrival at the camp, this printed and signed document must be given to the camp leader. Without this signed document, the child is not accepted to the camp!

Check-in time for organized groups:

You adjust the time of arrival to the camp yourself. On the day of arrival, 3 meals a day are organized only for those who arrive 2 hours before a meal (the time reference is “The daily routine”). If the team does not have time to arrive for dinner, we can arrange a lunch ration, but by prior request. Breakfast and lunch rations are not organized. If the team is late for dinner and does not pre-order rations, then, unfortunately, it remains without food on the day of arrival. To inform about arrival time in advance (at least approximately) by phone +375299941052, or e-mail:

Check-in time for participants who travel on their own

Participants who come to the camp outside the organized group must arrive on the day of arrival from 8:00 to 12:00.

For all questions, please call: +375293267922, +375173027922 or e-mail: